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Green Phoenix Farms was born because of the birth of a child, a life-changing event for many. But, when Adam Cohen’s son was born in 2008, life changed for him forever. Thinking about his child’s future strengthened his commitment to sustainability, natural food and healthy eating, and reaffirmed his commitment to work for the well-being of communities and the future of the planet.

Green Phoenix’s founder had really never considered becoming a farmer. He was a teacher with a penchant for fish, aquatic science and research, and had explored Aquaponics on a “casual” basis. He was intrigued by the prospect of growing fish and plants together in a controlled environment, and he began experimenting in his back yard, in his garage, and in his classrooms with small-scale systems.

His interests expanded. In 2012, Green Phoenix Farms was founded. Two years later Cohen walked out of the classroom and into a new life as President and CEO of a company that specializes in Aquaponics education, systems design and installation, and consulting. Now a North Texas leader in the field, Green Phoenix Farms works with individuals, schools and colleges, non-profit organizations and commercial producers across the state and in other states as well.

2015 promises to be a banner year for the still-young company: Projections include plans for a production greenhouse that can also be used as a “hands-on” classroom and demonstration tool. Cohen and his staff are also committed to working with local schools to add Aquaponics to the curriculum, and to an expanded schedule of class offerings and in-depth public seminars. The company offers backyard system plans and kits for the DIY’er, and larger scale stock systems as well as custom designs to meet individual goals, and will expand its product line this year as well.

Cohen holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Marine Biology and Marine Fisheries from Texas A&M University, and is a popular featured presenter at local and national conferences and events. He is well-respected in the Aquaponics community and serves on a number of local and national committees with a focus on sustainability, urban farming, community-supported agriculture and locally-produced, healthy food. He and Green Phoenix Farms have close ties to area food banks, community gardens, non-profit organizations and well-known chefs in an effort to encourage good nutrition and healthy eating habits.”

Cohen also started DFW Aquaponics, a Metroplex Meet-Up Group for those who wish to learn more about the field and share experiences with like-minded residents. Green Phoenix Farms sponsors an informal “Gathering” for the group on the First Saturday of each month. Check monthly for details.

Although he admits that his current life is not what he would have envisioned a decade ago, Cohen is quick to confirm today that he is, indeed, a farmer and proud of the growth at Green Phoenix Farms.

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