20140618_110716_Richtone(HDR) Adam Cohen founded Green Phoenix Farms following the birth of his son almost five years ago, an event which he says changed his life forever.  His commitment to sustainability, natural food and healthy eating, and a concern for the future well-being of communities and the earth as a whole had guided his efforts to research, develop and educate about Aquaponics, a way to grow food and aquatic animals in a simple, symbiotic system that can be scaled for “back-yard” hobby farming or installed for-large scale commercial production of natural fruits, vegetables and herbs and local harvesting of edible fish such as Tilapia, Trout and even fresh water shrimp.

He holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Marine Biology and Marine Fisheries from Texas A&M University, pursued graduate work at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, and has taught secondary math and science in both private and public high schools for the past 12 years.  In addition, he teaches entrepreneurship and is currently developing an agricultural science curriculum, which will incorporate teaching of Aquaponics in the public schools.  Cohen serves on a number of local and national committees focused on sustainability and the viability of urban farming, community supported agriculture and local support for “home-grown” food.

Cohen has been a featured presenter on the topics of Aquaponics,Urban Food Production and Food Sustainability at the University of Texas at Arlington’s Masters of Sustainability Program, at the Dallas Aggie Business Roundtable, and Sandoval County Master Gardeners. He participated in several corporate Earth Day programs in 2012 and currently also serves as a consultant to individuals, schools and private entities on the subject of Aquaponics.

It’s all about balance, he says, noting that growing food “is not rocket science.”  Cohen believes that all people should have access to safe, nutritious, locally-grown food at a reasonable price, free from additives, genetic modifications and disease-causing agents.

Through his company, he offers a series of educational seminars and workshops, maintains a Meet-Up Group — DFW Aquaponics, and maintains several demonstration Aquaponics systems in the Metroplex area.


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