About three weeks ago, we posted an update to show how things were proceeding in our new Aquaponic Discovery Center in Fort Worth, TX. In our post “Planting Day“, we showed a slideshow of pictures of us planting nearly 500 seedlings into the system. That was a great day! The sun was shining, the weather was  clear and crisp, and the water was flowing great.


      Unfortunately about eight days later, we had ANOTHER cold snap blow in (I mean come ON! THIS IS TEXAS!!!!), but this time, the temps dropped into range of 13-17 for about 24 hours. This was enough, especially when coupled with the fact that the greenhouse doors blew open in the wind, to pretty much freeze out all of the seedlings that we had planted the week prior.Oh well. This is farming, right? So what do we do?Well nothing less than soldier on, and plant out the next batch of seedlings — but, we did wait an extra week before putting them out. Just to be safe. right?

Well in typical fashion, I forgot to take pictures of that planting day. So here I am with a few more pictures of our newest plantings. Today I salvaged about 100 plants from various trays and such and I managed to plant out several rafts with tomatoes and hot peppers. I know…. Tomatoes in a raft? Well, they aren’t going to stay there for long. We actually have three media beds planned for them, but currently these are full of Bok Choi and Pak Choi plants that have about three weeks to go until harvest. So the DWC is only a temporary home for these guys. Enjoy the new pics!

[cincopa A8LAshrcyF9t]


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