In October of 2013, I began writing a monthly column for the Aquaponics Survival Communities monthly magazine. The last four months of 2013, saw a series of articles discussing the importance of selecting the correct species of fish for your Aquaponic system.

Beginning in 2014, I decided to shift the focus of the monthly article to more of a Q&A type of column where I plan to answer Aquaponics related questions that are sent in. I hope to provide some insight and personal experiences that might be able to help individuals to solve problems they have with Aquaponics before they have to suffer some of the trials that I went through when I was learning. I truly hope to answer every question that I receive, and to research the best practices for each and every topic that I can.

I hope that you all will give the magazine a try, just so you know the new issue (January) will be released on the 10th of themonth. It is only $2.97 per month, and is VERY worth it!

ASC Magazine:



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