The January 2014 issue of the Aquaponics Survival Communities magazine will have my latest “Aqua-ponderings” column. This month I am going to discuss what I think are some of the most common “Newbie” mistakes made in Aquaponics.

FL Chelated Liquid Iron 10630


#4b.    Adding Iron to the system.

This is one that I had to add in here. I have heard for years, “if you have a lack of iron in your system, you can simply add a few rusty nails to your system.” The idea being that as the nails rust, the iron will be released into the water. Well, that part is true; unfortunately unless you have a specialized anaerobic reactor to convert the iron to a chelated form – it will do absolutely nothing except turn your water slightly reddish. In short, if your Aquaponic system is deficient in Iron, spend the time to find a decent chelated iron supplement, in Texas we can commonly find Greensand (an iron-rich sand from old marine deposits. commonly derived from glauconite, a green-colored mineral.)


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