The January 2014 issue of the Aquaponics Survival Communities magazine will have my latest “Aqua-ponderings” column. This month I am going to discuss what I think are some of the most common “Newbie” mistakes made in Aquaponics.


#6.    Pesticides and Herbicides.

I think that a number of people dive into Aquaponics without realizing exactly how different this is from traditional gardening. I field questions in my classes all the time regarding the use of traditional herbicides and pesticides on plants in a system. I generally paraphrase a quote from Murray Hallam (probably badly, sorry Murray!) to drive the point home that this is not possible.          “In Aquaponics, you have little ‘policemen’ in the system. If you use herbicides to treat your plants, you kill your fish. If you use antibiotics to treat your fish, you will kill your plants and your bacterial. Either way, you will knock your system out of balance. Bad idea.”

Earns Monsanto


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