Aquaponic Consulting Services

Aquaponics is all about the ability to grow and produce high quality food on your own in your backyard. Our goal, at Green Phoenix Farms is to help anyone interested in this method of gardening/farming to learn all that they can about it and to feel comfortable doing it themselves. Therefore, we want to make this process as easy as possible.

Our Aquaponics Consulting Services include:

Of course everything is negotiable beforehand. If you have a question, or specific problem — PLEASE ask. Often times we can help you out over the phone and there will be no charge. If more is required, we am very open to negotiation and potential barter for our services. We would rather make less money, but have more people actively engaged in Aquaponics!!!

If you are just beginning with Aquaponics, or even if you are experienced, if you have a question — just ask it. Leave a comment here on the site, send us an email, or call us at the office. Within reason, we will answer just about any question that you have for FREE! We have a Resources page that will be growing as we have time to add to it, the answers to many questions will be found there.

We hope to hear from you!

Welcome to the Good Food Revolution.

The Future is Growing


  1. Hi I stumbled on your site by mistake when i searched Live search for this matter, I need to tell you your site is totally helpful I also seriously like the design, its good!

  2. i would like to learn more in the line of aquaponics –the tubs,floating rafts and seed starting–i now raise fish con we get together–thanks frank

  3. Adam,
    I am available Tuesdays through Thursdays most of the time. I hope your schedule will allow us to meet for my pool conversion. My memory is that you charge $100/hr with a two hour minimum. If this is right give me a call or email any time.

  4. Renee Bocanegra

    I would like to speak further about a plan for aquaponics, consultation and/or installation on-site. Please call/email me.

  5. Ashley

    Good Morning!

    We are interested in setting up an aquaponics system in one of our warehouses. Can your company assist with development and planning? If so, please email me at

    Thank you & I hope to hear from you soon!


  6. Mark Schroeder

    Hello. I’ve been wanting to build an aquaponics system for some time, but I need some design assistance…perhaps we could set a time to talk …im 25 mi south of Albuquerque, NM, in Los Lunas.
    Mark Schroeder
    505 450.8601 call or text. or email

  7. Steve Marshall


    I am interested in setting up a small starter commercial system with greenhouse, like the one you built for Mountain view college. Can we make contact to discuss further.
    Cell: 1 246 826 9040



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