What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This is a new and wonderful way for you as an individual, or a family, to meet the people 101_0353 (1024x683) - Copywho actually grow some of your food. In today’s culture, it is important to many people to have the opportunity to meet the producer or the farmer,  to learn where your food comes from and exactly how it is grown. CSA programs have become popular throughout the country, and provide an increasingly large number of people with the opportunity to share in the amazing bountiful harvest that comes from locally-grown foods.

Is a CSA share right for you?
People who will truly enjoy a CSA share are those who enjoy fresh produce. Also, they are people who love to try new things! If you have the ability to prepay for a Harvest Season, your weekly share will become almost like a gift — a surprise package of fresh food!
Your CSA subscription helps the farmer in several very important ways. With a cash cushion, we have a better opportunity to budget the ongoing needs for seeds, fish feed, labor and general upkeep of the farm. The stable “market” for goods also helps farmers plan and plant effectively.

What Do Members Receive?
A share will consist of 6 – 10 different varieties of vegetables, ranging from salad greens and fresh herbs to a variety of fruiting crops like Lia-EWFB-8-1tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, melons and more. Along with the weekly produce, you will receive weekly recipe suggestions to help you use your harvest bounty, or we’ll offer suggestions on proper storage.
WP_20140722_003We will grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables over the course of the year, and the specific varieties will change depending on the season. However, we expect that just about every week your share will be roughly balanced in volume between fruits and vegetables. It is important to remember, though, that we are a natural production facility. We are subject to the whims of the weather, and sometimes crops will not mature exactly as we expect. We hope you understand that there may be weeks when the harvest will not meet your total need for fresh produce. However, our goal is to provide each CSA shareholder member with a bountiful harvest each of the 12 weeks of each season. We plan to produce some of the freshest “better than Organic,” chemical-free Aquaponic produce available anywhere. Each weekly share will be available to you within just a few hours of harvest!

Membership Pricing:
Each Member Share = $300. This will cover 12-weeks of weekly harvest shares.
Registration Fee = $50, one-time fee to cover the cost of two sturdy totes and the consumable packaging for your harvests.
Payment is accepted by check / money order or credit card.

All shares must be picked up at Green Phoenix Farms during an assigned time window on a particular day of the week. In order to maximize harvest freshness, it will likely be necessary to have multiple days/times for share distribution.

Expectations and Understandings:
We have every expectation of fulfilling our goal of providing fresh produce to all shareholders each week of the season. However, it is to be understood that conditions beyond our control that affect growth, harvest and condition of the food production cycle, including weather and acts of God, are not cause for refund or reimbursement of fees.
It is also understood that shareholders have no choice of produce delivered to them each week. The “market baskets” will be composed of fresh, mature produce that has been harvested for the sole purpose of fulfilling share agreements, and not all baskets will necessarily be alike.
Current shareholders will be offered priority enrollment status for future season; however, no spaces will be held unless payment is received by the stated deadline for seasonal enrollment.

CSA Advantages:
GPF-Demo Harvest 7-30For Farmers: A consistent market for the goods we produce. Because we don’t have to concern ourselves with harvesting, transporting, marketing and selling during the actual growing season, we can devote all our efforts to planting and enhancing production. We will honor our commitment to bring you a healthy selection of fresh, natural, locally-grown herbs, fruits and vegetables. We reserve the right to select varieties of produce grown, to discontinue any crop at our sole discretion, and to add other varieties of familiar produce as we desire.

101_0369For Consumers: The greatest benefits include knowing where your produce comes from, how it is grown, that it contains no harmful additives, preservatives, waxes, or enhancing agents, that it is completely natural and, above all, that it tastes good!

Although our weekly “One Stop Shop” may not meet all your family’s needs for fresh produce, we know you will be pleased with the quality, the variety and the quantity of fresh produce that you receive.

We at Green Phoenix Farms are totally committed to the Good Food Revolution!


**** SPECIAL OFFER **** We are opening the Membership Application with 50 available spaces for our inaugural Fall Season (September – November). These first 50 members will receive a complimentary Green Phoenix Farms t-shirt, and will also receive free bonus shares from our Summer Production as we ramp up to full production! Enroll now!