Things have been rather crazy around here over the last month. We have moved to a new facility with 10x the space now available, and we have be working on more projects than we thought possible. We know that we haven’t said much about our class schedule this month, but we wanted to let you know that we are definitely having our two-day class schedule this month. Specifically, Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 7.39.44 AMwe have a great set of four classes for our Aquaponic Learning Weekend this month. We are now moving all of our classes to Eventbritfor registration purposes. On our page there, we currently have classes posted for May and June, as well as our first Two-Day Aquaponic Seminar to be held in Dallas, Texas in August.

To celebrate the fact that we have our new office up and running, we are going to offer a 15% discount on our classes this weekend for the next 48 hours! Follow this LINK, pick the class(es) you want to attend,  and then type in the coupon code “aquaponics” – no quotes, all lowercase.

Check out the FOUR great Aquaponics classes we are offering THIS WEEKEND (May 24-25) in Mansfield, TX. We hope to see everyone at the workshops this weekend, and until then – Keep Growing!



AP101: An Introduction to Aquaponics: In this seminar, will Intro Classhave four (4) hours of instruction, where we will cover everything that you need to know to go home to operate your own Aquaponic system. The 25 page manual for this session covers the following information in detail: System Options and Configurations; Types of Aquaponic Systems; Physical Components and Equipment; Living Components – Plants and Animals; How to Cycle Your System; Ongoing Maintainence; and Basic Troubleshooting.   Eventbrite - Introduction to Aquaponics (AP101) and Two-Barrel Aquaponic System Construction


SAMSUNG      Aquaponic System Construction – Two Barrel System: This three (3) hour class will specifically focus on the steps necessary to build a small aquaponic system from scratch, easily and inexpensively. We will detail the specific tools and materials needed for the build and we will build the system together as a group. You will receive a complete manual for this system, and we will discuss where the best locations are to source the materials.  Eventbrite - Introduction to Aquaponics (AP101) and Two-Barrel Aquaponic System Construction


Aquaponics Plant and Animal PossibilitiesThis Half-Day class is a great way to add some advanced knowledge kg33-saving-bean-seeds-02to your Aquaponic system. In this seminar, we will present a wealth of information that will allow you to operate your personal aquaponic system with better results and a wider range of choices for both fish and plants. During the classroom portion, we will present a great depth of information about a variety of fish and plants that are very compatible with Texas Aquaponics. Additionally, we will cover topics such as where to source seeds and fingerlings for your system. All topics will be explained clearly in the 30+ page printed manual.  Eventbrite - Aquaponic Plant and Animal Possibilities AND Vertical Aquaponic Ideas

     Going Vertical with Aquaponics: This Half-Day class is a basic primer to everything you would need to your backyard aquaponic system with Vertical Growing. During the “Classroom” portion, we will discuss how to easily and effectively increase your growing area by “going vertical”. We will discuss the various methods and options, along with the best plants for various methods. All topics will be explained clearly, and detailed in the provided color manual. In the hands-on session, the class will move out into the workshop, where there will be a hands-on build of a simple Vertical Aquaponic component. For this construction project, you will get to see the progress from start to finish, and every student will have the opportunity to “get their hands dirty” and jump right into the project. Eventbrite - Aquaponic Plant and Animal Possibilities AND Vertical Aquaponic Ideas