Over the last year or so of lurking around the Web, I have found a number of resources for Aquaponics. Some are forum boards where the user communities are welcoming and inviting and hold a wealth of information. Others are the online locations for non-profit agencies who are working to shift the mindset of the general public to understand the importance of local food production — and the ease with which it can be had.

What follows below is by no means an exhaustive list of resources for your searches, but they are the places I visit most often myself these days. When you find a resource that is of great use to you, please comment or email me so that I can update the list. Also, if you plan to begin a blog or such yourself to chronicle your journey into Aquaponics please link that as well.

Practical Aquaponics
DIY Aquaponics
BYAP Aquaponics

Major Programs / Facilities:
University of the Virgin Islands – Dr. James Rakocy

Commercial / Non-profit Facilities:
Growing Power
Backwater Provisions
Friendly Aquaponics
Feed Denver
Seven Harvest
Garden Pool
Sweetwater Organics

Equipment Ideas:
Affnan-Aquaponics – really cool blog (TONS of info), and a really cool bell siphon mod