Now is the time to start thinking about all the great things that you can do in your garden this year! So, if you have ever thought that Aquaponics might be something that you would like to try, but didn’t know where to start this would be the perfect thing for you to begin with. Even if you know a little about Aquaponics, this workshop will give you a much greater grasp on the mechanics of the systems and their capabilities.


For this workshop, we will have over SEVEN HOURS of instruction where we will cover just about everything that you need to know to go home to build and operate your own Aquaponic system. For the morning session will go through our “Aquaponics 101” curriculum (detailed below), and then we will have lunch with an informal Q&A to discuss some of the specifics related to “Texas” Aquaponics. Afterward, the afternoon session will be a hands-on construction opportunity to build a demonstration system using the most common component for a backyard AP system — an IBC tote. Specifically, we will go through the steps to build a system from one tote, and then how to expand it with a second.

COST: $75 per person (Lunch INCLUDED)


TIME: 9:00am – 4:30pm

All participants will receive a HARDCOPY training manual that contains all of the information presented (Aquaponics 101 and the IBC tote manual.)

REFUND POLICY: If you are not satisfied with the quality of the workshop, we will refund your money in full.

Morning Classroom Session (9:00 – 12:00)

    • What EXACTLY is Aquaponics?
      • How Does It All Work?
      • System Options and Configurations
    • Common System Types
      • Media System Design Options
      • Deep Water Culture (DWC) Systems
      • Vertical Systems and NFT Designs
      • Hybrid System Design
    • The Physical Components
      • Grow Beds
      • Fish Tanks
      • Sump Tanks
      • Grow Media
      • Pumps / Aeration
      • Plumbing and Siphons
    • The Living Components
      • Fish Selection and Basic Care
      • Plant Selection and Basic Care
    • The Integrated System
      • Cycling – What, Why and How
      • Water Testing – pH, macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients
    • How to Maintain Your System
  • LUNCH (12:00-1:00)
  • Afternoon Hands-On Session (1:00-4:00)
    • 1-Bed / 3-Bed IBC Tote System Build
      • Hands-on construction of the system from start to finish.
      • Manual included with workshop
        • Includes complete material list and cost estimates
        • Tools needed
        • Step-by-step instructions


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