I have to admit that I am relatively new to the whole idea of integrated organic gardening/farming. When I was a student at Texas A&M, I was able to take several classes in fish farming, and while I think that I have a reasonable background with that – I was not very practiced with the techniques of traditional gardening. However that all changed when I did some searching through the vastness of the internet to find the Barrelponics manual by Travis Hughey.

This was the genesis for my paradigm shift toward the realms of personal sustainability and local organic production. Travis’ manual sets forth easy to follow instructions that anyone who can use a saw and a drill can build. The entire design can be built using inexpensive and relatively easy to find materials.

I actually built a simple variation of his design at school with a few of my students. Below are some pictures of what it looks like and with a bit of the plant growth that we had that first season. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of us building the setup. But hopefully these will work to give a general idea of what was built. This is my true experimental system – I am constantly tweaking and modifying the setup based on different ideas that come up.

What do you think? I have many more designs and plans that I will post about in the future… What have you done, or what ideas to you have? Lets discuss and add to what we each know.