Growth Update – Week 11 in our Demo Systems

Right now, we’re looking ahead to the new Green Phoenix 1000 system that is just about ready to go into service here at our headquarters in Mansfield. This is a demonstration version of a small production Aquaponic system. This system is specifically designed to maximize the production capable within a 20 X 50 foot hoop house. Please check back soon for more information about this system and the other systems in the Green Phoenix series (500, 2000, and 3000). We promise that…

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Growth Update – Week 8 for the Demo Systems

Well, this is an exciting day! After a few days more than 8 weeks of growth, we have what I will consider our first “Real” harvest from the Crossover System that is operating as a demo in front of our shop in Mansfield, TX. We planted three demonstration systems back in May to show visitors what they could reasonably expect to get out of a home or “Backyard-scale” system. We have to say, the response to these “integrated gardening systems”…

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