Adam Cohen to Assume Reins of Program at Santa Fe Community College

David Cohen Named Chief Executive Officer of Green Phoenix Farms


Green Phoenix Farms Owner and President Adam Cohen will begin an exciting new venture in Santa Fe, N.M. on August 1. He has been tapped by the Community College there to manage and expand the two-year-old program in greenhouse management with an emphasis on hydroponic and aquaponics farming. He succeeds Eric Highfield as director and professor in the School of Trades, Technology, Sustainability, and Professional Studies.

An Incredible OpportunityCohens

“It is an opportunity I simply could not turn down,” says Cohen, who notes that Green Phoenix Farms is in good hands with its newly-named Chief Executive Officer David Cohen at the helm. The younger and elder Cohen have worked side by side over the past three years to build the company’s educational course program, to design and install both small and large-scale aquaponics systems in Texas, and to establish ongoing relationships with schools, universities, charitable organizations and related businesses in North Texas and the surrounding region.

All of those efforts will continue, according to both Cohens. Read more here soon about summer course offerings and seminars; and keep up with Green Phoenix Farms through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. DFW Aquaponics will continue its First Saturday Gatherings in association with Green Phoenix Farms. Exciting new programs have been planned beginning the first Saturday of August.

Back to the Source

Adam Cohen, who received dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Marine Biology and Marine Fisheries from Texas A&M University, graduated from Santa Fe Preparatory School. He first encountered aquaponics as a high school classroom teacher in the Dallas area, using small-scale systems in his science and math classrooms as tools to engage student interest and foster ingenuity. Returning to academia, he says, will enable him not only to reach more students in meaningful ways, but will also help to spread the word about the value of aquaponics as a farming method for the future.

The program at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) is one of the very few in the nation to offer a Certificate in Greenhouse Management, a one-year program, in addition to an Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) with a specialty in Greenhouse Management. Professor Cohen has also been charged with oversight of the planned installation of a multi-use on-campus facility that was funded by the New Mexico State Legislature during its last term.

The Future of Agriculture

New Mexico offers an interesting climate, both in terms of weather and technology, for aquaponics and hydroponics, according to Cohen, who noted that the SFCC program pulls from varied disciplines to enhance every aspect of the Trades Program. Those include solar power, biofuels, green building techniques, drought and water management, and the ways in which physical conditions affect growing systems. There is currently a geodesic dome to house the growing systems, he says, but the planned new facility will include a major greenhouse and multiple produce beds as well as protected fish tanks.

“It came as quite a surprise,” says Cohen, “and in many ways I am sorry to leave the DFW Metroplex because such good progress has been made in the field of Aquaponics and sustainable farming. But, for many reasons, I feel my current calling involves helping young people learn the basics of sustainable farming techniques and greenhouse management.”

He notes that one of the goals for Green Phoenix Farms is to install a production facility to serve as a training ground for young people and to provide employment – as well as food – for the local community. That goal remains intact, says the father; additional details about the plans will be announced within a short period of time.

One other thing is certain: The two Cohens are committed to building a sustainable future in aquaponics – but the territory for those efforts now extends over two states.

NOTE: We will have many more details available soon, about local happenings with Green Phoenix Farms, and about the Aquaponics Industr in general. These are exciting times – and busy days!