Today was a VERY good day! After working on a few different projects and meeting some very good contacts for expanding our business, I was already in a great mood…. But, something happened when I went to view our newly-returned to operation backyard system in Farmers Branch, TX. [For those just tuning in, this system was built as a hands-on workshop in June of 2011. We shut it down in December 2011 due to cold temps and the transfer of our Tilapia. About three weeks ago, we finished the renovation of this system – basically we upgraded the siphons and drain lines, but a few other minor changes. The few remaining plants (that had survived for 3+ months with only intermittent rain water) were replanted and then we “officially” began the replanting on March 8, 2012.]

So back to the great day we had today…     I went to Sunrose to do my normal semi-daily check of the system and to also clean out some of the fallen leaves (a definite drawback to being under these large shade trees…) What growth there has been in only TEN DAYS!!!! The photo on the left is a small Heirloom Chocolate Cherry tomato that was purchased as a transplant from Home Depot. As you can see in the photos, we already have two small tomatoes and about 5 to 7 flowers in various stages of development. In the photo on the right, there are some beautiful Quinalt strawberries. Actually there are 8 plants in the bed currently, but I think I am going to add another four. There are two ripe berries, though (in the spirit of full disclosure) I will admit that those two ripe strawberries were on the plants as green berries when we put them in. BUT, the FOURTEEN (at least) new berries were not!

I expect great things out of this system this year! Stay tuned for future weekly updates on this system and the others that we have operating…

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