20140715_184244Well, things are just trucking along these days. We are almost so busy that we don’t have time to harvest our systems. This week has been jam-packed with a little bit of work out-of-town on our giant project in East Texas (more info on that to come soon), and then we have been talking to people left and right about both our upcoming Two-Day Small Scale Aquaponic Seminar and about custom designed aquaponic systems. We even had 15 people come out for our third “Free Tour Tuesday” – This was a great evening with people who wanted a way to easily and quickly learn a little bit more about Aquaponics. We would love to see you at a future FREE AQUAPONIC INTRODUCTIONS and TOUR — Click HERE for more information.

WP_20140716_001Now, it is important to say that we have forgotten about our little demo systems, no matter how busy we get. In fact, we have been prepping the Crossover System for a new growing cycle. To do so, we have pulled out a majority of the plants in the DWC trough in preparation for our next round of growth. Currently we have seedlings growing in our Seedling System, and they should be ready to transplant out  by the early part of next week. Last week, we had a great harvest (Read more HERE), and we pulled over 12.5 pounds of food from one system alone! This week, the harvest was a little smaller, but we are now starting to get some production out of our IBC Tote System as well. We think that this is going to be a VERY productive summer.

OK, so back to the harvest report — the picture below is most of what we were able to harvest this afternoon…. Not shown in the picture is the Basil that we harvested from the DWC trough – each of the three varieties (Cinnamon, Thai Purple and Sweet Genovese) yielded about twelve (12.0) ounces, and the ten Cherry Tomatoes (these were eaten while we harvested) – 2.0 ounces.  Now, in case you can’t really see detail in the picture I will list out the specifics for you starting at the top left. We got four Ichiban eggplants with a total weight of one pound and 10 ounces; Four cucumbers a total weight of four pounds and one ounce; Three Texas Sweet Onions with a total weight of 3.6 ounces; Seven pods of Clemson Spineless Okra at 11.5 ounces; and Two Cayenne Peppers at 0.5 ounces.

So to summarize this week’s growth, we were able to harvest a total of 33 items with a combined weight of 9.0 pound. That means that since we planted these systems non (9) weeks ago, we have harvested  nearly TWENTY-SIX (26) POUNDS of food from only 80 square feet of growing space. This translates to almost 1/3 of a pound of food per square foot!

Please stay in touch with us as we see what these systems can do over the rest of the summer and through the remainder of the year!