Welcome to the world of Green Phoenix Farms. We are a small farm located just outside of Dallas, Texas and we focus our production in the realm of organic aquaponics. This is to say that we raise fish and then use various natural biological processes to transform the fish waste into fertilizer that is then used to grow great varieties of organic crops. We are looking to expand into other areas of organic production, including permaculture, bio-composting and raising poultry.

Additionally, we are planning to use this blog to showcase other individuals in the Dallas area who are also working to increase the organic food production in North Texas, interesting techniques for the backyard cultivator and especially useful DIY type projects that can allow everyone the opportunity to have the ability to produce a small bit of organic, natural food production at a level that they feel comfortable with.

Welcome. We hope you like what we have to say and we would like to invite you all to comment and help us make this site an inclusive community that works together to compile useful and interesting information and also bring like-minded people together.