It has been a busy summer, and we are happy to announce that our new focus is The Farm in Burleson, our production facility located at 7512 FM 2738.  The Aquaponics Greenhouse, our “Aquahouse,” is operational, with happy fish and growing plants. Now, with the arrival of cooler weather, we expect to harvest lettuce and bok choy on a weekly basis! As exciting as that is, we also have tomatoes, cucumbers and pole beans growing, two types of basil thriving, plans for vertical towers and other improvements, and a variety of other projects for the future. We look forward to conducting new classes at the farm, and to working with a growing number of students and entrepreneurs.

Our regular First Saturday Gatherings are also now held at the farm, and we look forward to seeing many of you on a regular basis once again. As always, we ask that you register with DFW Aquaponics.