Introduction to Aquaponics Training Class:

When:     Saturday,  May 5th    9:00 – 11am

Where:   “Concho” system in Mansfield, TX

Cost:      $30 per person (Classes are limited to 10 people)

Information Covered:  This 2-hour class is designed to give a general introduction to Aquaponics and will cover a number of topics. A partial list of subjects covered is:

* The advantages of Aquaponics in the Urban Environment.
* Different type of Aquaponic systems available.
* Basic system operation.
* The Nitrogen Cycle and how it works in Aquaponics.
* What is needed to operate an Aquaponic System.
* What are the parts of an Aquaponic System?
* What are the advantages and disadvantages?
* Is an Aquaponic System right for my home? Apartment?
* Options for your system in terms of fish and plants
* Day to day operations: feeding, temp, water quality
* Harvesting times for fish and plants


There will also be a Tour of the Concho system in operation at the class location. This system is a 300 gallon FT with 2 large growbeds (~4’x8′).

All attendees with leave with a copy of our Introduction to Aquaponics handbook and reference guide.

*** If there is enough interest, I will repeat this class from 11-1pm ***

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