Here you go folks — just this morning I received an update from a connection in my Linkedin network, Kyle Barnett,  about a new website that he had built called PonicJobs. This is a new job board that has been built specifically to help individuals find jobs in the massively expanding industries of Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Urban Farming. The website has just launched, so admittedly there isn’t much there at the moment, but according to the release from Kyle, he has set this up so that it is 100% Free to either list or find a job, and that the interface is easy to use. and very user-friendly.

Check out the link to the new site HERE.

Additionally, I have added a link to the site on our Information Resources page here on the website. Feel free to check out the other information that we have compiled from around the Interwebs, for a better description of what that page contains and why we have pulled it together, read our original post about it HERE.