Green Phoenix Farms has managed to find a reliable supplier for Food-Grade IBC Totes of exceptional quality. Our new supplier sells food-grade totes that are actually cleaned and certified KOSHER- grade. (He actually has a Rabbi come out each week to inspect the facility and make sure that everything is done properly.) From this point on, we will be able to supply as many totes as you may need or want.

We are offering the following items:

275 gallon totes = $115 each, and a $5 discount for 3-5 purchased. Greater discounts for 6 or more purchased.

330gallon totes = $140 each, and a $5 discount for 3-5 purchased. Greater discounts for 6 or more purchased.

55 gallon Drum = price coming

30 gallon Drum = price coming

The best part though is what I haven’t told you yet — I now have the ability to ship totes around the country. I have made arrangements with a major freight company and I will be able to ship totes to any location around the US. Please contact us directly to get a quote on costs.


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These are the 275 gallon IBC totes and they are certified to be Food-Grade. They have also been professionally cleaned with 160+ degree water and a pressure hose. These are GREAT! They can be used for aquaponics (of course), but they also work excellent for Rainwater catchment and even as general storage containers. The uses are limited by your imagination.

If you are interested in getting one or several, all you need to do is to send an email with your name, how many totes you would like and where they need to go (or if you would prefer to pick them up) to The order will be placed this afternoon, so if you are interested — jump on this opportunity!

Of course, we are also here to help you with system design and/or installation questions and we will answer just about any question you can think of relating to aquaponics and urban farming.


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