Hey there! I wanted to just put this post out here to let you know about the new Aquaponic Information Resource page that I have put together that will serve as a place of reference for all individuals who want to learn more about Aquaponics. Yesterday (February 5th, 2014), I gave two presentations at the Missouri Organic Association conference about Aquaponics. The first presentation was about Aquaponic System Design, and the important questions that need to be addressed relating to them; the second presentation was on Aquaponic Education. That second presentation was the genesis of this Aquaponic Information Resources page. Specifically, for that presentation I was asked to pull together a list of resources that could be used by both beginners and more experienced individuals to gather/obtain information about Aquaponics. While it (currently) is not an exhaustive list of the resources available, I believe that it is a solid start at a comprehensive listing of valuable Aquaponic and Aquaculture related resources. I am sure that it will grow substantially over the years to come (with your help!) I have created this list of resources using the sites and individuals that I commonly recommend to individuals that I speak and work with.

PLEASE — If you have a resource that has helped you immensely, please leave a comment either here or on the page directly, or feel free to send me an email (info@greenphoenixfarms.com) so I can include on the Information Resource page.

Remember, everyone starts at the same place, and we are all trying to do the same thing β€” Grow Healthy Food! The point of this page is to provide a list of resources, not to specifically endorse a particular Trainer/Course or Website — There are HUNDREDS of ways to do Aquaponics, and they all work… But, there are methods that will work better in a given location or climate or with a particular budget or set of desired goals. In the end, do your research, learn what you can, and do what works best for you — Not just what someone tells you is best.

So help each other out, answer questions and remember – β€œThe more we work together, the better things get for everyone.”