The brand new hatchery system for Green Phoenix Farms has been installed and is now operating great! Within weeks, we plan to begin production of Tilapia fingerlings with the local DFW area market in mind. Our goal is to have fingerlings ready for stocking into local aquaponic systems by the middle of the summer.

In addition to the commonly English: Introduced fish from a lake in , . Id...available Mozambique Tilapia (Oreochromis  mossambicus) that have the traditional dark coloration patterns, we are hoping to breed our own line of Golden Tilapia. They look just like a “normal Mossie” in body size and form, but visually they have a eye-pleasing light gold color and slight red highlights. Now these special Golden Tilapia would still be a pure bred line of O. mossambicus, so they would remain legal to keep in Texas without the Texas Parks and Wildlife Exotic Species Permit.

Our newly installed system consists of two 55 gallon tanks for breeding trios, and an 80 gallon tank that has been divided into five compartments to raise the fry to about 1 inch. From there the small fingerlings will move to the 250 gallon IBC for grow out to small stocker size. Afterward, the stocker will move to 400 gallons of outdoor stock tank before moving finally to the (yet-to-be-built) 5,000 gallon final grow out tank.

The next project for this week will be to add the additional growbeds to this system to take care of the biological filtration.  More pictures will be posted soon, and be sure to circle us on Google+ and also add us as a friend on Facebook to keep up with important updates and special offers.

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