Aquaponics “101” and IBC System Manual

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This complete beginner’s manual is a basic primer to the essential information that an individual would need to operate a small backyard aquaponic system. We cover the essential topics from components and basic biology to water chemistry and planting density in a concise and easy-to-read format. Each topic is broken into specific segments to allow for the reader to easily find the information that they need to refer to.

The second section the manual is a step-by-step DIY style guide that will walk anyone (regardless of skill level) through the construction of the IBC Tote beginning aquaponic system. This system uses a single 275-gallon IBC Tote and a handful of other materials easily sourced at the local hardware store. Ultimately you will be able to construct a 4’x4′ Flood-and-Drain aquaponic system that can supplement the food you and your family need.


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