Greenhouse Frame (20’x100′) – DIY Manual

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Would you like to build your own Quonset-style Greenhouse (Hoophouse)?

If you said, “YES” — then this manual is certainly for you. This DIY style manual will go Step-by-Step through the process to build a 20′ wide x 100′ long Greenhouse Frame, using raw materials and the labor from yourself and a few friends. Now, here is another fact that will make this manual even better – included in this is a complete material list (with SKUs for Home Depot). We have even provided a complete cost for materials on the greenhouse frame, hoop-bender, and endwalls (using prices in Fort Worth, TX in April 2015).

Unlike most commercially available greenhouse kits that use large diameter (heavy) piping, this greenhouse design uses 3/4″ EMT (electrical) conduit pipe. While this pipe is certainly smaller and weaker than the bigger pipes, we are able to space our hoops only 3′ apart (as opposed to 8′ in most kits). This makes our design stronger, though less expensive in total materials.

One more thing that this manual will show you is how to build the hoop-bender that will take the straight piping and make a smooth, straight curve. Other installation techniques like how to lay out a square frame on the ground, how to assemble the hoops and purlins, how to frame in the endwalls, and finally how to attach the plastic film covering.

1 review for Greenhouse Frame (20’x100′) – DIY Manual

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Since the site location where I m building my greenhouse isn t all that level I had to raise up one side of the end frames with some that I ripped to fit later I cut the tail off where it sticks out toward the fence.

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