There are so many great resources out there for individuals who want to start growing things these days. A tour through the gardening section at any major bookstore will yield a large number of books devoted entirely to this practice. You can find traditional gardening, and lately, you can find container gardens and permaculture books galore.

In the Urban environment, it is often very hard to find the SPACE to actually grow things… In my experience, most people would like to grow a few herbs, a tomato (or three) or even a full garden. But all they have is an apartment balcony or maybe just a very small suburban yard. Options are rather limited in these environments – Containers of various shapes and sizes are the most common.

A Pallet Garden is a new turn on the container, and it is one that is easy to DIY with found materials. All you need is an old wooden pallet, some landscape fabric, a staple gun, two bags of potting soil and a bunch of flowers (or whichever plants you choose. I found this project in the great book Small-Space Container Gardens by Fern Richardson and she has written a great step-by-step tutorial HERE.

In fact I like this project so much, I think that we will have to make this a small class for our local DFW community. What do you think? Anyone interested in coming to learn how to make a Pallet Garden? This will be scheduled for later in the month of April and we will also be sure to film the project and post the video on our YouTube channel.

Other great books about small spaces and container gardening:


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