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Description of Classes and Workshops:

Aquaponic Q & A: This is a FREE Community Gathering devoted to developing a community of Aquaponics in the Dallas/Fort Worth (and Greater North Texas) area. If you have an interest in Aquaponics, then come spend a few hours on a Saturday morning to talk others also doing Aquaponics. Feel free to come over, pull up a chair and watch, discuss, and help out with any of the projects that might be going on.  Please keep in mind that this is NOT a “class”, but rather an informal gathering of interested people. 

Aquaponics 101 and Basic System Build: This FULL DAY class is a basic primer to everything you would need to operate your own backyard aquaponic system. Everything from components and basic biology to water chemistry and planting density will be explained clearly. In the afternoon session, there will be a hands-on build, where you will construct a system from an IBC Tote.

Advanced System Design and Construction: This FULL DAY advanced class will provide the specific tools and calculations necessary for you to design and build your own Aquaponic system from scratch. The goal of this class is for the student to be able to design for optimal efficiency, instead of simple functionality. Calculations for fish tank to grow bed to fish load and planting density will be covered, along with those for head height and fluid friction. In the afternoon session, you will participate in a hands-on construction build where you will construct a raft bed using lumber and pond liner.

Fish and Other Aquatic Animals; A Primer to All the Animals You Can Have: This FULL DAY advanced class will explain in great detail several species of fish and invertebrates that can be farmed in Aquaponics. For a few species, we will also cover elementary breeding techniques and fry rearing. A short tutorial will be provided to help in the construction of a fry rearing structures and egg hatching equipment. A member from Texas Parks and Wildlife will also give a presentation to discuss the legal requirements for keeping various species.

Mechanical Filtration Methods: Building a Swirl Filter and a Radial Filter: This HALF DAY class will explain the operation and construction of mechanical filtration devices. These can increase the fish load of your aquaponic system by removing the solid waste. In this class, you will not only learn theory, but you will build two different types of mechanical filters.

Seed Starting and Seed Saving in Aquaponics: This HALF DAY class will present options for adding plants to your Aquaponic system. We will identify and discuss a number of reputable sources for high quality heirloom seed. As a part of this discussion, we will cover a number of the common methods for sprouting seeds, focusing on those that work particularly well for Aquaponics. Propagation through cuttings and cloning will be covered and we will learn how to prepare our own rooting hormone extract to assist with this process. For seed Saving, the class will discuss the appropriate techniques for collecting high quality seed, cleaning the collected material and finally how to store seeds to ensure future germination.

Siphon 101 — Everything You Want To Know and More: This HALF DAY class will explain the operation and construction of different methods to drain water out of your grow bed. In this class, you will learn the theory behind the major categories of siphon types, we will discuss the specific differences and components of these, as a group we will be able to observe the operation of each type. Finally the class will culminate with the hands on assembly of several difference styles of “Automatic” Bell Siphons – specifically the “Classic” Bell Siphon, the “Affnan” Siphon and the newer “Torcellini” Bell Siphon.

Vertical Growing Methods: Options, Methods, and DIY Projects: This HALF DAY class will explain the operation and construction of different methods to grow upward! In this class, you will not only learn the theory behind various concepts for vertical farming, but you will also assemble a version yourself.

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  1. Jackie Johnson

    Address of New Location ?? Mansfield? Pls contact me. Interested in setting up small commercial operation.

    • Jackie, we are still in Mansfield, and we would be happy to set up a time to meet with you to discuss your setting up a small commercial system. Please email us at info (at) greenphoenixfarms (dot) com to schedule a day and time to meet.

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