EDIT: September 1, 2013 — I now have a supplier for quality IBC Totes again! From now on we should be able to supply totes as needed. These are 275 gallon totes, they have already been cleaned and are exceptionally high quality. The price per tote is $125 for the 275gallon totes and $150 for the 330gallon totes.

Pick up at the Green Phoenix Farms location in Mansfield, TX, or delivery can be negotiated.


So this is a quick notice for anyone interested in building an aquaponics system in their backyard, or perhaps having us build one for them…. I am going to have a delivery of totes to my operational system in Farmers Branch tomorrow (March 28th), it would be rather easy to have a few extra delivered at the same time for anyone who is interested.

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These are the 275 gallon IBC totes and they are certified to be Food-Grade. They have also been professionally cleaned with 160+ degree water and a pressure hose. These are GREAT! They can be used for aquaponics (of course), but they also work excellent for Rainwater catchment and even as general storage containers. The uses are limited by your imagination. The price is $113.25 per tote (tote + $5 for transport + tax) and we will accept cash, check or credit cards.

All you need to do is to send an email with your name, how many totes you would like and what time this weekend you will be buy to pick them up to greenphoenix (@) greenphoenixfarms.com. The order will be placed this afternoon, so if you are interested — jump on this opportunity!

Of course, we are also here to help you with system design and/or installation questions and we will answer just about any question you can think of relating to aquaponics and urban farming. We can also have 55gallon blue barrels delivered for $20 plus tax.

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