So I was doing a little surfing on the web the other day and I ran across this nifty little app. While it is built for traditional soil gardening (in-ground, raised and container beds), I do think that a creative person could use this to keep track of an aquaponic system. In their own words, “Smart Gardener combines your selected plants, garden layout, and household size with complex planting variables, to create a Smart Garden Plan just for you. With over 700 organic seeds and starts to choose from (and buy), Smart Gardener offers personalized recommendations, along with super simple ways to select plants, suited to your taste and growing conditions. SmartGardener calculates and tracks all your gardens “To Dos”, from prepping to picking. View To Dos at a glance and get email reminders when it’s time to get in your garden.”
I think that this is a GREAT little web-app, and it is FREE!!!!!!.  As I said above, it would take a creative mind to apply this to Aquaponics, but I think this would help make anyone a better gardener from season to season.