Time for another growth update to the current happenings in the “Sunrose” system! Our newly remodeled system is working like a champ and we have not had a single problem with the revised auto-siphons and the new drain line. Even though there is a surplus of nutrients in the system from the Tilapia we raised last year, we decided to add  some small feeder goldfish into the IBC tank about 4 days ago. Mainly we just wanted to have something swimming around and to make us feel like we are actually growing some fish in this system…. Of course the other reason is that since we just got the system back up and running, we have added a lot of city tap water into the tanks – this means a lot of chloramine. We did put some Vitamin C in to neutralize it, but the amine portion (read: ammonia) remains behind… So the goldfish are a good choice, due to their resilience and tolerance of odd water quality.

Now the water temperature is warming up, but it is still hovering around 58 degrees. So this is still to cold for us to put the Tilapia back in. The great news for us is that with the warming trend that we have had for the last week, I think that it will not be that long until we can see water temps up into the low 70’s.

Now on to the plant growth. It has been a grand total of 9 days since the last pictures were taken and WOW…. Things have just been shooting upward!Pardon the pun, but things are growing like weeds. I think the lettuce has grown another 5 inches and the two beet plants and the swiss chard have nearly doubled in size!

[cincopa AEMAB2KyIzHa]

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