Cherry Tomato

Growth Update – Week 9 on our Demo Systems

Well, things are just trucking along these days. We are almost so busy that we don’t have time to harvest our systems. This week has been jam-packed with a little bit of work out-of-town on our giant project in East Texas (more info on that to come soon), and then we have been talking to people left and right about both our upcoming Two-Day Small Scale Aquaponic Seminar and about custom designed aquaponic systems. We even had 15 people come…

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“Sunrose” System Growth Update (April 30)

OK, so I guess that I need to significantly work on my follow through when it comes to pictures and system growth updates. I know that April is a busy month for everyone, but I have to say — this was VERY busy for us. We installed three systems in three weeks, participated in five different shows, and numerous other things. Anyway, enough prattling on about my issues. Just like last time, I am sure that y’all  want to to…

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“Sunrose” System Growth Update (March 30th)

OK, so once again I am a few days late in uploading the pictures of this system… I don’t know why it takes me so long to get around to uploading them from my camera… Fine – new resolution. I WILL download my pictures from the camera every day I take them…. Anyway, enough bemoaning of my techno-problems. Y’all  want to to see how things are progressing in the system, right? Well here you go. [portfolio_slideshow id=572] As you can…

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