Deep-Water Culture

Looking for a great deal on Aquaponic Liner? Ultra-Scrim SR 12′ wide is here!

WHO WANTS A GREAT DEAL ON SOME 12′ WIDE¬†AQUAPONIC LINER???? Our supplier has a large custom order of the 12′ wide Ultra-Scrim SR liner that they now want to get out of inventory… This means some savings of the normal retail price… And these savings increase significantly if you buy multiple rolls — shipping goes down! The price starts at $0.425 cents per square foot AND THIS INCLUDES SHIPPING! We have 80′, 90′, 100′ and 165′ long rolls. This opportunity…

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Urban Aquaponics in Fort Worth, TX

  This past Saturday, Green Phoenix Farms was happy to host a “Soft” Opening for a collaborative project with a local non-profit ministry, Feed By Grace. This project is a 2000 square foot Aquaponic Greenhouse that contains a 1500 gallon fish tank, 108 square feet of Media-based Grow Beds, 504 square feet of Deep-Water Culture (DWC or “Raft”) Troughs and 48 square feet of aquaponic Wicking Beds. The fish tank will ultimately house 200-300 pounds of Hybrid Striped Bass, the…

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