FULL-DAY Workshop: Aquaponics 101 and IBC Tote System Construction

When:     Saturday,  April 19th    9:00am – 4:30pm Where:   Green Phoenix Farms Cost:      $90 per person  (Classes limited to 20 ppl.)       This FULL-DAY class is a basic primer to everything you would need to operate your own backyard aquaponic system. During the morning “Classroom” portion, we will present everything that is needed to begin running a small Aquaponic system. We will cover topics from components and basic biology to water chemistry and planting density. All topics will be…

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Aqua-ponderings: January 2014 (pt6)

The January 2014 issue of the Aquaponics Survival Communities magazine will have my latest “Aqua-ponderings” column. This month I am going to discuss what I think are some of the most common “Newbie” mistakes made in Aquaponics.   #6.    Pesticides and Herbicides. I think that a number of people dive into Aquaponics without realizing exactly how different this is from traditional gardening. I field questions in my classes all the time regarding the use of traditional herbicides and pesticides on plants…

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