Aquaponics in the classroom and on the farm — an update

When Green Phoenix Farms was founded more than five years ago, it was with the dual goals of education and production. Its founder was an educator who used Aquaponics as a means to engage his high school math and science students. Along the way, he became an enthusiastic “urban farmer,” so much so that he left the classroom to teach other adults about this sustainable method of growing food and fish in a sustainable, symbiotic environment. Today, the firm is…

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Building a FOUR-TOTE Backyard System in Irving, TX

REGISTRATION LINK Come join Green Phoenix Farms for an On-Site Workshop to build a good sized “backyard” aquaponic system at a residential home in Irving, TX. This system is a custom design using four IBC totes. One tote will be used as the Fish Tank and a second will be the Sump tank. The remaining two totes will be sectioned into Grow-Beds. One very unique feature of this system will be the drainage system for the Grow-Beds. The beds will…

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