Eating Well – Feeling Better: August 1st

By Lia Jonsson   The Dog Days of Summer. Are they here? Are they about to end? Are they good, or evil? Should we care? Whether or not you know – or care – about the reasons that some 40 days in July and August have been called the “dog days” since ancient times (some say in honor of the dog star Sirius – others because it’s the hottest season with the least rainfall in the northern hemisphere), this is…

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First salad of 2012!

So after the torrential rains and the 23 tornadoes (yes Virginie, TWENTY-THREE tornadoes – see article below) that hit the DFW metroplex on April 3rd — we went out to our aquaponic system to find…. That all the plants were actually still there and doing fine. Yeah sure the beets had fallen over a bit and one of the cucumbers had been blown off the trellis, but all in all – there was no real damage. In light of this…

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