Looking for a great deal on Aquaponic Liner? Ultra-Scrim SR 12′ wide is here!

WHO WANTS A GREAT DEAL ON SOME 12′ WIDE¬†AQUAPONIC LINER???? Our supplier has a large custom order of the 12′ wide Ultra-Scrim SR liner that they now want to get out of inventory… This means some savings of the normal retail price… And these savings increase significantly if you buy multiple rolls — shipping goes down! The price starts at $0.425 cents per square foot AND THIS INCLUDES SHIPPING! We have 80′, 90′, 100′ and 165′ long rolls. This opportunity…

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Ultra-Scrim now available!

We are happy to announce that a quantum advance has now been made in materials available for Aquaponics. Until very recently, the choices available for water-proof liners used in Aquaponics has been limited pretty much to EPDM Pond Liners, Dura-Skrim, and re-purposed Billboard Tarps. All of these will work, that much is for sure, and some could even be used in a Certified Organic Facility…. But, they all had drawbacks as well — the Billboard Tarps often had micro-holes in…

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