Interview with Visionary Aquaponics

Earlier this month I got to sit down for an afternoon and have a great chat over the phone with Maribou Latour the creative mind and driving force behind the new¬† podcast. Since her initial episode launched on Earth Day this year, she has managed to speak with the finest people in the field of Aquaponics, and ask them about why they do what they do and what they would like to share with the rest of us trying to…

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Aquaponic Training Workshops Available

So did you know that we are now offering Aquaponic Trainings at our new workshop in Garland, TX? So far we have had 60+ people attend our trainings and the best part — we are indoors, with heat and a/c, catered lunches, hard-copy manuals for every class and best of all a 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you think that our training was not worth the money you paid, we will refund it in full. Why don’t you check out…

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