While this is admittedly an older article, it was originally published in the Aquaponics Journal (by Nelson and Pade) in the 3rd quarter of 2007, that by no means diminishes the importance of the information contained within. These ten guidelines are absolutely useful when designing and operating an Aquaponic system. Dr. Rakocy wrote this article to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the journal and though it is a “Top Ten” list, he does state specifically that his guidelines are not in any particular order, because in his mind — they are all extremely important.

I strongly suggest that everyone read this article and then save a copy to peruse at later dates when you are having some trouble with your system. I have been running my Aquaponic systems now for almost six years, and I am constantly reading and re-reading sources to gain that new nugget of knowledge that will help to make my systems run just a little bit better.

Here is to great growing and the desire to always be learning. Let’s have a great one in 2014.

10 Guidelines for Aquaponic Systems by Dr. Jim Rakocy

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