I don’t know about you, but I have had several life events in the past few years that have made me reconsider what I felt was important and the direction that I was heading in. While all were important, the single greatest catalyst for change in my life has been the birth of my son. It was this event, that more than any other, that guided my decision to become a farmer.

But where did this decision come from? I remember one specific moment when I first looked into the eyes of my son, and in that moment, I realized that I wanted to do whatever I could to make the world he had just become a part of better than the one that I had entered. I felt at that moment that I wanted to do whatever I could to help make things a little better.

Now think about this, what better way in there to do just that, than through food? Food is a basic need. It is something that every single person of every race, religion, culture, or economic level requires. Currently there are so many problems with our current food system, that they have become a mountain threatening to bury us all. There are Genetically Modified Organisms everywhere, from Soybeans and Corn to the looming threat of franken-fish.” There is High Fructose Corn Syrup and every other additive and preservative found in almost all processed foods. There is the nearly complete loss of skills like canning and preserving and even home-cooking. But these don’t have to be the enormous problems they currently are, as it turns out; there are simple ways to free ourselves from this system.

At that moment, looking into the eyes of my son, I realized that I could make a difference and, more so, that I truly wanted to. It was not until that moment that I had really recognized within myself a deep seated feeling of disconnection to the world around me. While I can’t really put it all into words, the crux of that feeling was that I truly wanted to do was something creative and constructive that actually makes a difference for the people around me. Now, I know that there are MANY ways to do this — but in the days since my son was born, I have come to realize that MY way of doing this is to produce food, and to teach others how to do it themselves.

So this is my Mission, and my path into the Future. I want to Photo of Will Allen of Growing Power taken in ...grow food and to teach others how to do the same. I want my son and daughters to know that it is possible to produce high quality, nutrient dense food with nearly no negative effect on the environment. That it is possible to live in balance with the world around us and even for us to thrive while helping the world we live in. One of my personal heroes, Will Allen of Growing Power has been working toward a food revolution for nearly 25 years. Today, I believe that we can change the food we eat, and I proudly put this forward and ask everyone to join me in the Good Food Revolution.


The change begins with us. Our Revolution is Growing!

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