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20140710_153437_Richtone(HDR)We wanted to let everyone know that we have a great class planned for this weekend (May 23-24, 2015) that is absolutely chock-full of amazing information! In this Two-Day Seminar – we have planned 20140710_153429_Richtone(HDR)activities and sessions that range from simple system design/construction to fish selection and care. From selecting the right plant varietal for your season/location and how to care for them efficiently to get the greatest production, to Tips and Tricks that we have learned over the last 7 years of running our own Aquaponic systems in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This class is limited to only 15 students to ensure a true personalized “Hands-on” learning environment — the remaining spaces are going fast!


Specifically, this workshop is perfect for any person who would like to understand what the key principles of Aquaponics are, and also learn about the specific components needed to grow fish and plants together in a recirculating soil-less system. We have designed this course to be as useful to individuals who have never seen an Aquaponic system before to those who want to expand their knowledge of this farming method. We have planned a diverse mix of both practical classroom style lectures (more fun though!) and hands-on activities that involved the construction and start-up of a “backyard” scale home Aquaponic system. Each participant will receive complete parts lists and construction guide for the system built during this class. Additionally, participants will receive access to a library of Aquaponic resources.

For more information and a detailed Seminar outline, click HERE.

You get all of this information, and to make it even better — we have decided to add our Greenhouse Design class into the offerings for this weekend! This now means that you will get over 100 pages of printed manuals detailing every aspect of this intensive seminar.

We really hope to see y’all at the workshop this weekend, and until then – Keep Growing!


To register for this class, please click on the link below. Then just fill out the form, and we will send you an invoice for the class. It is that simple!


Gorgeous Lettuce Growth at Mikey's Garden in Hunt, TX (Designed and Built by Green Phoenix Farms).

Gorgeous Lettuce Growth at Mikey’s Garden in Hunt, TX (Designed and Built by Green Phoenix Farms).