We are happy to announce that a quantum advance has now been made in materials available for Aquaponics. Until very recently, the choices available for water-proof liners used in Aquaponics has been limited pretty much to EPDM Pond Liners, Dura-Skrim, and re-purposed Billboard Tarps. All of these will work, that much is for sure, and some could even be used in a Certified Organic Facility…. But, they all had drawbacks as well — the Billboard Tarps often had micro-holes in them causing “pinhole” leaks that were nearly impossible to identify. The EPDM liners are of dubious safety when used for foods intended for human consumption, and Dura-Skrim is not actually “food-safe” (No matter what some vendors have said).

Now, Green Phoenix Farms is happy to announce that we are carrying the new liner available from Global Plastic Sheeting called Ultra-Scrim. This liner comes in 6′ wide rolls that are 100′ long. Current retail¬†price for the liner is $295 DELIVERED (Continental USA) for a single roll. Please contact us about larger purchases or for wider / longer sections.

Below we have summarized the high points of this liner:

1. THIN — it is roughly HALF the thickness of traditional Dura-Skrim or EPDM liners. This makes is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to work with!
2. HALF the weight of the same length/width of traditional liners <– once again this makes it much easier to work with!
3. Food-Grade / Food-Safe — NO OTHER LINER CURRENTLY ON THE MARKET has this classification.
4. Makes a perfect DWC trough for using the Commercial Lettuce Rafts (18- or 36- hole patterns) from Beaver Plastics. *Build the trough using 2″x12″ boards with a width of 53″. This gives approximately 49″ inside the trough for the rafts to float easily.

If you would like a small sample of this new liner, please send an email request to Products (at) GreenPhoenixFarms (dot) com¬†with “Ultra-Scrim Sample” in the Subject and with your mailing address in the body of the email.


Here is a copy of the information on this liner directly from the Global Plastic Sheeting website:

Food Grade, FDA Compliant, 100% Recyclable, Scrim Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

Ultra Scrim is a “Tech Forward” new technology liner that utilizes a layering process that makes this liner high strength due to its multi-axial grid reinforcement on all layers! The entire liner is FDA compliant including the grid inner layers.

Food grade plastic sheeting

100% Recyclable
Incredibly strong…12.5 mil = A traditional 25 mil liner
1/2 the weight for the same strength Food_grade_plastic_buy
$295/ Roll Delivered
6’2″ x 100′ roll size
GPS set out to engineer a liner that is not only better for the environment, but better for your business. When we speak of the environment we mean minimizing the raw material usage- thus leaving a smaller environmental footprint. We reduced the weight of the liner while increasing the capabilities of the plastic. When compared to traditional string reinforced polyethylene liner, our 12.5 mil Ultra Scrim liner has the strength of a traditional 25 mil liner currently on the market. This benefit comes from advanced technologies.

Ideally suited for:

Applications that require a food grade liner
Farms that want organic certification
Aquaponics, hydroponics, food facilitiesUltra_scrim_specs_chart