Here is another great set of links from Urban Farmer online. They have put together a great series of Crop Profiles of all sorts of vegetables and herbs that can be grown in the home garden to make it easy for a farmer of any skill level to be successful!

Take a look HERE to look at the huge compilation of information that they have put together. Or take the quicklinks below to the specific information your are interested in:


<– Alliums: Yellow, red and white, onions can add an immense amount

or a subtle hint of flavor to your dishes. They’re also easy to grow. Here’s your onion-growing guide. Go now »

Curcurbits –> : Funny name, yummy veggies. Get advice for raising squash, cucumbers and pumpkins. Go now »

<– Greens and Brassicas: Broccoli, lettuce and turnips are just a few members of these plant families. Here’s how to grow them in your small space. Go now »

Herbs –> : Basil, thyme, oregano and more—the usual flavorful suspects will be ripe for the picking with this growing guidance. Go now »


<– Legumes: Little Marvel, Early Perfection, and Green Arrow. Not movie names, just a a few types of peas and beans available for your growing pleasure.  Go now »

Mushrooms –> : The fungus among us, mushrooms come in many shapes, sizes and flavors. Although they take a little more work to propagate, the time and effort are worth it. Go now »


<– Tomatoes: Is a tomato really just a tomato? Read on for several varieties suitable for your urban farm. Go now »


Tubers –> : These vitamin-packed root vegetables are also packed with flavor, and they’re great for winter gardens. find out how easy it is to grow these nutrient-packed vegetables. Go now »




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