Welcome back to Green Phoenix Farms! This year we have been thinking deeply about how many people we have worked with since we started this company and the amazing things that we have seen. Our schedule has certainly been crazy with projects, but we have still been working as hard as we can to make sure that we are able to provide you with the greatest quality information that we can. Mikey's GreenhouseNow to shed a little light into some of the things we have been working of for you, we are now publishing our class schedule for April all the war to the end of October.  We hope to see as many of you as possible at some point this year. Don’t forget, even if you can’t come to a class, you are ALWAYS more than welcome to come to one of our Community Gatherings at the shop in Mansfield on the 1st Saturday of every month. There is never a cost for these, and the goal is to meet others that are interested in Aquaponics and to hear what others are doing.

Check out the great Aquaponics classes we are offering in coming months from our shop in Mansfield, TX. We really hope to see y’all at the workshops, and until then – Keep Growing!

To register for any of the classes, please click on the link at the end of the description. Then fill out the form that comes up and we will send you an invoice for the class. It is that simple!

AP101: An Introduction to Aquaponics AND Simple Aquaponic System Build: This full-day seminar will have four (4) hours of detailed instruction, where you will go over every topic that you need to know to operate your own Aquaponic system. The 25 page manual for this session covers the following information in detail: System Options and Configurations; Types of Aquaponic Systems; Physical Components and Equipment; Living Components – Plants and Animals; How to Cycle Your System; Ongoing Maintenance; and Basic Troubleshooting. Then after an INCLUDED LUNCH, you will go out into the warehouse for the 2.5 hour HANDS-ON session, where you will actually go through the steps necessary to build your own home Aquaponic system from an IBC Tote. This class will be offered on Saturday June 27th and again on August 8th from 9am to 4pm. REGISTER FOR EITHER CLASS HERE.

Essential Aquaponics – 2-Day Intensive Aquaponics Seminar: This two-day workshop is perfect for any person who would like to understand what the key principles of aquaponics are, and also learn about the specific components needed to grow fish and plants together in a recirculating soil-less system. We have designed this course to be as useful to individuals who have never seen an Aquaponic system before to those who want to expand their knowledge of this farming method. We have planned a diverse mix of both practical classroom style lectures (more fun though!) and hands-on activities that involved the construction and start-up of a “backyard” scale home Aquaponic system. Each participant will receive complete parts lists and construction guide for the system built in this class. Additionally, participants will receive access to a library of Aquaponic resources. For more information and a detailed Seminar outline, click HEREREGISTER FOR THE SEMINAR HERE.

Commercial Farm Development for Aquaponics: In this SIX (6) DAY intensive Aquaponics class, you will get the chance to do something that is not offered anywhere else by anyone (to our knowledge.) This class is structured as a series of three weekends (the 4th weekend of August, September and October), and over the course of these three sessions every participant will work through the steps needed to design and develop THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL commercial aquaponics ENTERPRISE. This is NOT just another “Commercial Aquaponics” Training workshop. In this class you will meet with Bankers, Accountants, Attorneys, Farmer’s Market Managers, Resturant Chefs, Produce Buyers, Certifying Agencies and more! ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED TO ONLY FIFTEEN (15) PARTICIPANTS. Saturday / Sunday on August 22-23; September 26-27; October 24-25. To reserve your space, REGISTER HERE.